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Welcome to the vintage kitchen , a pop down to restaurant nestled in the old part of Dublin town beside the famous Mulligans pub & between the river Liffey and Trinity college, here you will find the vintage kitchen, a small eatery specialising in local ingredients.

we also have a fantastic BYOW policy, we do not charge corkage once you order from our set menu or two courses from our Dinner menu.

We also sell a small selection of vintage arts and crafts, these will never have prices on them and too make things fun just make an offer if you see something you like.

We are a small team with vast experience behind us and our aim is to produce quality food and professional yet friendly service in a warm and cosy atmosphere, our menus will change frequently due to the fact that we mostly handpick our own ingredients from selected markets and shops from in and around the province of Leinster.

 Our 1970's Vinyl record player will be playing a vast array of music and if you have an LP you wish to bring and hear play then you are welcome to once it fits into the easy going nature of our restaurant.

Please note some items on our Christmas menus may change for various reasons.

Also for parties of Six & over a final confirmation is required, we will call you a couple of hours before your booking & whatever you book for you will be charged, we are a small restaurant & cannot afford to have empty tables because people do not turn up, hopefully you can understand this.


Our Christmas Dinner menu will run throughout December from 5pm. This is the only menu running.

Our Christmas Lunch menu runs from 2.30 Monday-Sunday.

It can be requested for the 12pm-2pm sitting.


Please note our menu will increase in price from €25 for two courses - €28 for two courses IN January 2015. We regret having to do this but after two years of trading and offering what we think is great value the increasing prices of running a restaurant leaves us with no option but to do this.

As always thank you for the support and the amazing people we have met along the way and hope you and your family have a fantastic Christmas and new year.





I feel like I need to clarify the pricing of our Christmas menu because of what people think is the doubling of it. First off I would like to take this opportunity to all the wonderful people who have come through our doors and shown us incredible support since we opened two years ago; it has been a great experience.


Our usual menu is two courses for €25 but there is a beef and cheese plate which has a surcharge of €7 and €4 respectably and for December we omit this and charge €45 for three courses plus Tea/Coffee mainly because it is a much busier time and our workforce is increased and we need to pay for this. If you ask the majority of restaurants how they make their profit they will say from alcohol and simply put we don’t sell much alcohol even though we do have a license to sell beer and wine I choose not too and I allow people bring their own wine and I do not charge corkage even though I pay for the glasses and the service and the recycling of it which is not cheap and during the festive period these prices go through the roof as people usually drink more, in short xmas costs a lot more to run and I need to cover myself.


We have highlighted this since September on our website that this is the only menu running through December but a small percentage of people do not take note and then email me with threats of online reviews unless I do something. Here’s the thing I am a normal person if you have a complaint I do not need to be threatened by online bile I will happily make a complaint better as it is in not only my nature but my interest to do so. For the record and I will be honest I don’t look at online reviews anymore as they have become tools and instruments of nothing more than intimidation and bullying to some people, not all but to some and I won’t partake in that.




Wishing everyone a happy Christmas and New Year.